Are you wondering what’s happening in social media today?  What’s working—and not? What are we seeing? According to Pew Internet Project’s research, 74% of online adults use social networking sites (up 7% from last year). For those of you still hoping social media would just go away, current research supports its ongoing, and growing, popularity. Over the… Read More


Love them or hate them, hashtags are everywhere. Used correctly, hashtags can help supercharge your social media content. On the other hand, use them without consideration and you risk annoying followers. If you’re new or not entirely clear on hashtags, here’s what you’re missing. A hashtag is a word or phase preceded by a pound… Read More


Are you wondering if social media marketing is worthwhile? The issue in questioning social media’s value often comes down to expectations. In conferences, Facebook groups and various forums, I’ve heard many doctors and teams say they love Facebook and have found it a great way to reach new patients. On the other hand, I’ve spoken… Read More


As social media use in dentistry evolves, questions, quandaries, and unfortunately legal risks grow too. I recently had the pleasure of presenting alongside the brilliant Dr. Michael R. Ragan, D.M.D, J.D., LLM, attorney and dentist. Dr. Ragan presented on legal considerations in social media and I presented on social media marketing. Below is my interpretation… Read More