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Social Media and Legal Considerations for Dentistry

As social media use in dentistry evolves, questions, quandaries, and unfortunately legal risks grow too. I recently had the pleasure of presenting alongside the brilliant Dr. Michael R. Ragan, D.M.D, J.D., LLM, attorney and dentist. Dr. Ragan presented on legal considerations in social media and I presented on social media marketing. Below is my interpretationContinue Reading

Top Five Social Media Mistakes of 2013

1) Total outsourcing – I talk with doctors on a regular basis who are frustrated or feel burned. They tell me they’ve paid for subscription social media services for months, sometimes years, without understanding what they’ve paid for. Worse, when they finally review their social media communities they find their content (Facebook posts, tweets, etc.)Continue Reading

Patients Singing your Praises Everywhere – Guest Post

These days it may only take one negative review to harm a dentist’s online reputation.  Now is a great time to consider how your practice measures up in exceeding patient expectations. Deanna presents some excellent ideas here! By: Deanna Goodrich, RDH, Executive Coach Fortune Management It only takes one person to unravel a patient’s experience. AContinue Reading

How To Create A Winning Brand On Social Media

Do you think about your brand before you post on social media?  Many practices don’t. In fact some practices aren’t aware that branding plays a large part in social media marketing. Social media amplifies brands through reach and visibility. Yet many practices post spontaneously without considering how each post contributes to their overall practice image.Continue Reading

Be Advised — The Next Generation of Online Reviews

Have you been upset by an online review a patient has posted about your practice?  While online reviews have been around for years, we’ve been accustomed to being in control (for the most part).  Various patient communication systems allowed you to filter survey reviews. If a negative blip did show up you could promptly filterContinue Reading

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